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The 7-Step Proven
Quality Control Master Class
Do you want to learn the secrets to being a successful Quality Control Manager 

General Contractors, Small Business owners & Project Managers this training will help you to manage your team and will help your team to be efficient in Quality control

WOW! Our Quality Control Master Class Is the  Amazing Training that Struggling General Contractors & QC Managers Use at their own pace To Quickly Be Successful.

Quality Control Master Class

Our 7 Step Training Module Master Class for How To Be A Successful in Construction Quality Control
Presented by Renee & Greg Glendenning

Hi, we are the Glendenning's, founders of QC Collective LLC.

We believe we know some things about you and your current situation...we know you're a General Contractor struggling to train your Control Managers who dreams of becoming a General Contractor that employs trained and successful Quality Control Managers. You want a strong QC department that will give you outstanding CPAR ratings and the reputation you deserve. So, let me ask you a question...Would you be ecstatic if you could have your Quality Control Managers spend More time in the field and less time in the office? Because if you could do that, ultimately, that would mean you could catch issues in the field before they become costly to fix and your Quality Control Managers would become efficient! (Which would be amazing!)Unfortunately, I also get the sense there are some roadblocks for you here, including figuring out how to find training.Sound familiar?Another thing...Are you also really frustrated by the fact that you are losing money trying to understand quality control requirements? Do you constantly ask yourself Where do I learn Quality Control requirements. One last question...Do you ever find yourself thinking training Quality Control Managers is too complicated?I know I did! And finally, to make matters even worse, sometimes (no matter what you do) it just plain feels like your employees do not 100% understand what it takes to be a Quality Control Manager and are actively going out of their way to sabotage your success with Quality Control requirements. Well let me tell you, I know exactly how you feel because I've been there myself... more than once! When all is said and done, my guess is you really just want to Successfully fulfill your contractual quality control requirements. Yes?  Then this Master Class holds all your answers.

Big Picture Strategy For How To Be A Successful QC, & Build A Stellar Reputation
Big Picture Strategy For How To Be A Successful QC, Build A Stellar Reputation And Put More Profits Back in Your Pocket. Our MasterClass provides training at your pace on;

• QC 101 for Quality Control Managers
• Submittals for Quality Control Managers
• Concrete Testing 101 for Quality Control Managers
• As Built Posting Training for QC Managers
• Project Closeout for QC Magers
• Red Zone
• Commissioning 101 for QC Managers

Never Suffer With Learning How To Be A Successful QC Manager Again

Let us help you to be successful & build the reputation you deserve

Have you been losing profits on every project due to schedule pushes and rework?

Your QC Department should be protecting you from these situations. Train your strong QC Department starting today with this Master Class.


Do you want to learn the secrets to being successful in Quality Control ?
Then this Master Class is the answer you've been looking for. You will have access to the below 7 Modules. These are easy to use at your own pace slideshow training sessions narrated by Greg and I. It will be like we are there with you training you every step of the way, just grab your cup of coffee and dive in with us. The Seven Training Modules include;

Quality Control 101

Quality Control Managers are a necessity for all projects to minimize re-work and maintain project schedules. A Quality Control Manager has many roles and responsibilities. This training module will go thru the roles and responsibilities of a Quality Manager from design on design build, mutual understanding meetings, submittals, RFI’s, site inspections, commissioning and closeout.

Submittal Training for Quality Control Managers

Submittals can be detrimental to a project's schedule and success. This training module will go thru the QC & subcontractor requirements for submittals to include scrubbing a register before work on site begins, how to decipher what needs to be submitted, the different types of submittals, how to package a proper submittal, how to handle and submit variances and the COE submittal transmittal form and process.

Submittal Tracking Log

A complete and fully scrubbed submittal log can save weeks on the back end of a schedule as well as redundant submissions. If the project submittal log is not reviewed and scrubbed at the beginning of a project (before the mutual understanding meeting) the time spent adding items and subtracting duplicates or non-applicable items at the end will cost you time and money. This template is ready for you to enter project specific items and will then cover the project lifetime tracking of each submittal by division.

Concrete Testing 101 for Quality Control Managers

Concrete is poured on just about every project. Quality Control Managers need to understand concrete basics and some testing procedural standards in order to manage and witness the testing per specification. This module will cover basics, testing procedures and concrete do’s and dont's from a site QC level.

As Built Posting for Quality Control Managers

Monthly payments on government jobs are tied to the upkeep of As-Built posting in the field. Keeping uniform timely updates to As-Builts is vital for project pay apps, schedule and in the event, you have staff turnover. This course will go thru the requirements for government as-builts to include field changes, ASI’s, Modifications and change orders along with tracking mechanisms to insure as-builts are clearly up to date on a weekly basis and easy to be checked by Project Management.

Red Zone 101 for Quality Control Managers

Red Zone is a term the Corps of Engineers has adopted to describe the last stretch of a project. “The Red Zone meeting concept was first implemented by Honolulu District in 2002, requiring that the initial red zone meeting be conducted at 80% completion but not fewer than 75 days prior to the scheduled BOD for all Military Construction funded projects. The goal is to develop a schedule necessary to achieve both timely project completion and financial closeout.” The Quality Control department takes a leading role in the Red Zone Schedule development and management. This training course will go thru the basics of a Red Zone Schedule, how to make a Red Zone Schedule, the basics of the Red Zone meeting and how to successfully conduct a Red Zone meeting.

Commissioning 101 for QC Managers

Commissioning is a large factor in project closeout and Quality Control Managers need to manage and drive the Commissioning Process Home. This training module will define key commissioning terms, go thru the reports QC’s must-have on hand through the commissioning process, Pre-functional checklists, TAB, TAB verification, PVT, FPT, commissioning issue logs, commissioning meetings/site walks and the Cx process.

Commissioning Flowchart

This template is ready for you to insert project specific requirements such as IFC documents, bid documents and systems to be installed. This flow chart will then show specific predecessor and successor events per the USACE standards and project specifications. The Cx Flow Chart can be tied to your master project schedule if the line items are shown in your master schedule along with actual duration of activities, responsible subcontractors and the contractual completion date. This is a Cx Flow Chart that can be used to manage the Cx process and subcontractors thru Red zone and project completion. The Cx flow chart will show final finishes, testing, submission and approval of test reports, spare parts, owner training, O&Ms, building envelope testing, final clean and the punch list process This is not a redo of your master schedule but rather placing contractual requirements onto a flow chart form to aid you as the QC in your Red Zone, and Cx meetings and management. Client literally pay us thousands to set this flowchart up and implement it for them.

Project Closeout for QC Managers

This Training Module will go thru all of the requirements for project closeout to include Warranty Manual, O & M, Spare Parts, and Owner Training. Managing the closeout process is vital to a successful Quality Control effort. This module will go thru standard requirements for each closeout item along with tracking mechanisms.

Project Closeout Tracking Matrixes

Managing the closeout portion of any project is important, time consuming and can be damaging to schedule, project turnover and budget if not tracked.  QC Collective believes the use of closeout matrixes to track O&Ms, warranty letters, spare parts and owner training is a must to successfully close out a project. These tracking matrices are ready for your team to populate with your project specific information for distribution to your subcontractor team. You will get all 4 Tracking Matrixies!
I've got an amazing Master Class for you called "How to be Successful as a Construction Quality Control Manager."
It makes it easy for you to access all the training you need to have a successful QC Department. You will learn the tips, and tricks to the roles and responsibilities of a QC Manager, As Built Posting, Project Closeout, Red Zone and Commissioning and more.

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Discover How This Master Class Gives You The Exact Steps To have a Successful QC Department.. Without pulling employees off their Current Job for training.
General Contractors use it to get Everything you can dream of, like:
  • ​Strong QC Departments that customers appreciate and rave about on CPAR reviews 
  • Happy Employees who know their roles & responsibilities when it comes to Quality Control
  • ​No lost time on project schedules due to testing or QC requirements​
  • ​Proper Submittal & As-Built posting management protecting you as the GC
  • ​Timely closeout of all projects so contracting officers have no reason to hold your final payments
  • ​Ultimately successful projects brought in on time and on budget consistently
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Bonus #1 - The Experts Guide To Mastering Submittals 
How To Learn How To Efficiently Manage The Submittal Process In As Little As 1 Day... even if you Lack Submittal Knowledge!
Total Value: $297
This one pager guide makes it a snap to Learn the steps to mastering submittals and the submittal process. Be able to efficiently manage the submittal process on every job. Stop pulling your hair out over submittals and manage the submittal process with ease. 
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Bonus #2 - The Big Secret to Where Project Profits Are Lost
Where are Most Project Profits Lost??

My Quality Control staff hears me say quite frequently that Quality Control Managers earn their money on the front end of a project and then on the back end and that most projects are won or lost on profits during the Commissioning and Close Out process.
Total Value: $297
This one pager guide gives you 10 priceless tips to avoid pouring your money down the drain at the most crucial point of every project.
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Bonus #3 - Standard QC Form List Decoded
Standard QC Forms
Must Have List
Total Value: $500
This one pager checklist shows you the standard forms every QC Manager should have built and be using for each and every project. This list alone look years to formulate and tweak and we want you to have it NOW to insure your success today and on every project you do going forward
Get This For FREE When You Order Your QC Master Class Today! 
Bonus #4 - Standard Binders and Files List
Standard QC Binder & Files List
Total Value: $500
This one pager checklist gives you the list of all of the Binders and Files every Successful QC Manager should have set up on each and every job site whether it be hard copy or electronic. This list makes setting up your project for success from the start a no brainer. Organization is the key to being efficient and successful as a QC and this list will basically do that for you!
Get This For FREE When You Order Your QC Master Class Today! 
Bonus #5 - The Top 9 Mistakes Struggling QC's Make On Concrete Pour Day And How To Avoid Them 
Learn What A QC Needs To Do On Concrete Pour Day And Avoid Loosing Money And Time
Total Value: $297
This one pager guide holds the secret to Learn the steps all QC Managers should take to prepare for a concrete pour day. Tackle all of your concrete pours with confidence and without stress and dread. Handle all concrete pours and the needed documentation with ease and stress free. 
Get This For FREE When You Order Your QC Master Class Today! 
Bonus #6 - The Most Important Trait For A Successful Quality Control Manager Decoded 
Discover! What The Most Important Trait Is For A Quality Control Manager To Have ... Fast!
Total Value: $297
This one pager guide holds the keys to Learn the most important trait you need to have to be a successful QC Manager. Build the needed trait to be a successful Quality Control Manager. Be known in your industry as a successful as a Construction Quality Control Manager & make a 6 figure salary. 
Get This For FREE When You Order Your QC Master Class Today! 
Bonus #7 - Quality Control Manager Responsibility List Unlocked
Quality Control Managers must always know what their responsibilities are to be effective
Total Value: $400
This one pager guide holds the keys to Learn the list of minimum standard responsibilities for all of our Quality Control Managers. The intent is to ensure we capitalize on past lessons learned, start and complete jobs timely & efficiently, increase communication between QC’s, Project Managers & Superintendents and create a paper trail environment where if need be QC’s can step in and substitute on other jobs without losing time learning another’s paper trail methodology
Get This For FREE When You Order Your QC Master Class Today! 
Bonus #8 - Mutual Understanding/Kick Off Meeting Checklist
Project Kick off Meeting Checklist
Total Value: $400
This one pager guide holds the secret to project Kick-Off meetings for QC Managers. At Project Kick-Off meetings AKA Mutual Understanding Meeting with Federal Clients, it is critical that Quality Control Managers ask some important questions and that the answers be documented formally. This ensures a project starts out well and ends strong.
Get This For FREE When You Order Your QC Master Class Today! 
Bonus #9 - The importance of having a customer filter decoded
The Importance of Having a Customer Filter Decoded
Total Value: $297
This one pager guide reveals that one of the most common mistakes we see Quality Control Managers make is the lack of understanding boundaries or a Customer Filter. A Quality Control Manager’s reputation is he or she’s most valuable asset.
Get This For FREE When You Order Your QC Master Class Today! 
Bonus #10 - The Challenger Speech
Every QC Must Find Their Vocie
Total Value: $297
This one pager guide unveils the dire need for QC's to use their voice and to have their challenger speech. I have trained every Quality Control Manager I have been blessed to cross paths with to also understand the importance of “A CHALLENGER SPEECH”.
Get This For FREE When You Order Your QC Master Class Today! 
Bonus #11 - Project Responsibility Matrix
Project Responsibility Matrix gives a visual of key Project Staff Roles and Responsibilities from Project start to finish
Total Value: $500
Having clear lines of responsibility and communication on each and every project from start to finish is vital to a projects success. Quality Control Collective has developed and implemented this Project Responsibility Matrix which is discussed at each stage of the project to insure the project is on track with the project team. This matrix helps all your team members to know what their responsibilities are at each critical path stage of the project from cradle to grave.
Get This For FREE When You Order Your QC Master Class Today! 
There Is NO CATCH!
We are doing this because We remember what it is like being a struggling General Contractor & QC Manager with no access to training. We want to build a community for those looking for Quality Control Training, hints and tips. We want to help you

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  Quality Control 101 Training Program over 2 hours long (Value $5000 - Yes we get $5000 to train this one subject in person)
  Submittal Training Program  (Value $5000) 
  Submittal Tracking Log  (Value $375) 
  Concrete Testing 101 for QC Managers (Value $5000)

  As-Built Posting Training 101 for QC Managers (Value $5000)

  Project Closeout Training for QC Managers (Value $5000)

  Project Closeout Tracking Matrixes (Value $375)

  Red Zone 101 Training (Value $5000)

  Commissioning 101 Training for Quality Control Managers    (Value $5000)
  Commissioning Flow Chart   (Value $1000)
  The experts guide to mastering submittals    (Value $297)
  The top 9 mistakes QC's Make on Concrete Pour Day and how  to avoid them   (Value $297)
  The most important trait for a successful QC    (Value $297)
  The Big Secret to where project Profits are Lost    (Value $297)
  Standard QC Form List     (Value $500)
  Standard Binders & Files List    (Value $500)
  QCM Responsibility List Unlocked    (Value $400)
  Mutual Understanding/Kick Off Meeting Checklist    (Value $400)
  The importance of having a customer filer    (Value $297)
  The Challenger Speech    (Value $297)
  Project Responsibility Matrix   (Value $500)
Total Value Over: $40,832
Today Just $1998.77

A Few Testimonials from General Contractors & QC Managers we have Trained - They have changed their lives!

On my first position as a QC Manager, I was dropped onto a Corps of Engineers Federal Project with a POD connex, a generator, a file cabinet, a printer, and the project spec book and told to figure it out. I had a degree in Mechanical Engineering but honestly no Quality Control Training and no idea how to be a Construction QC Manager. I frantically searched for training or hints and tricks to no avail so I dug my heels in determined not to lose the job supporting myself and my infant son. I made lists of responsibilities and tracking forms I thought I needed and jumped in with both feet.

Fast forward years of training in the school of hard knocks I began training and managing a fleet of QC Managers for a large General Contractor across the United States.

Fast forward again past years of developing forms, tool lists and Quality Control Department Standards I started my own General Contracting company only to see fellow GC's fall down time and time again lacking training and qualified QC Managers. Many GC's were recommended to me for help and I began training and placing QC's on projects throughout the US. I developed training for my own Quality Control Managers and those I trained for fellow GC's.

The one constant throughout these years was the lacking of true usable practical construction quality control training. Today my mission is to help Quality Control Managers and General Contractors alike by providing QC Training that can be implemented NOW, Today to make a difference.

The difference it makes is you understanding the QC roles and responsibilities and how to successfully manage them at every stage of the project. This gives QC's confidence and the ability to obtain and keep a career they love doing and it gives General Contractors the knowledge to manage and support their QC Managers, keeping profits in their pockets.

This training is developed by successful Qc's for QC's.

Helping our fellow General Contractors and Quality Control Managers is our passion and we look forward to helping you!

Renee & Greg Glendenning
P.S. We are excited to welcome you into our QC Collective Community. We are your Collective.... Welcome Home
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  • QC 101 Training ($5000 Value)
  • Submittal 101 Training for QC Managers ($5000 Value)
  • ​Submittal Tracking Log ($375 Value)
  • ​Concrete Testing 101 for QC Managers ( $5000 Value)
  • ​As-Built Posting Training ( $5000 Value)
  • ​Project Closeout Training for QC Managers ( $5000 Value)
  • ​Project Closeout Tracking Matrixes ($375 Value)
  • ​Red Zone 101 Training ( $5000 Value)
  • ​Commissioning 101 for Quality Control Managers ( $5000 Value)
  • ​Commissioning Flow Chart ($1000 Value)
  • ​The experts guide to mastering submittals ($297 Value)
  • ​The top 9 mistakes QC's Make on concrete pour day and how to avoid them ($297 Value)
  • ​The Most important trait for a Successful QC ( $ 297 Value)
  • ​QCM Responsibility List Unlocked ($400 Value)
  • ​Mutual Understanding/Kick Off Meeting Checklist ($400 Value)
  • ​The importance of having a customer filter decoded ($297 Value)
  • ​The Challenger Speech ($297 Value)
  • ​Project Responsibility Matrix ($500 Value)
Total Value Over: $40,832
Today Just $1998.77

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